Japan Impact or our first autograph session [Part 3]

Japan Impact or our first autograph session [Part 3]

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In the last article, I was writing that the “Fêtes consulaires” was the best stage ever but I think Bellecour has been dethroned by Lausanne! The sound and light engineers, as well as the staff of Japan Impact were so nice and we had so much fun performing for 45 minutes on this beautiful stage of the theatre of Beaulieu. Suika even get her birthday cake 2 days early on stage and couldn’t help but cry during Sakura no Ki ni Narou xD! (Just after the MC part). Oh god, what nice memories!


A French expression says “After effort comes comfort”, right? WRONG! After effort still comes effort, we never stop =D ! After a 30-minutes break during which we simply rushed to the water fountain, a staff brought us through the congress to the autograph session’s place where we had several slots on Saturday and Sunday. One more new experience for Amaitsuki! Well, let’s be realistic, we’re no international celebrities but still some fans came to see us and I want to thank them for their support, it’s always a real pleasure to chat with them! (Special thanks to Camille and Kuro, don’t hesitate to come and say hi next time we see each other =)


At last, Amaitsuki likes nothing more than moving. Sitting behind a table is quite nice, but standing in front of people is much nicer! That’s why we decided (with the approval of the staff who was just adorable listening to each of our caprices xD) to do what we do best: singing and dancing! We created a kind of stage with the barriers of the autograph session’s place and we played the setlist of the show =D! Can’t help, we love entertaining people in Amaitsuki, so we entertain them whenever and wherever we can!

This is how we all went back home, worn out but delighted with this unwavering will to go back on stage as soon as possible. An “as soon as possible” which is at last not so far because some of us will already see each other in Dijon on 1rst and 2nd April for the KamoCon and then on 4th June in Paris for Epitanime. As for me, I’ll have to wait until my comeback from Japan to see everyone, but I’m already waiting forward to going back on stage and to write a little article, as I love to, and show you the backstage of our activities =) !


This time there are so many people I want to thank that I decided to have an entire part for it but please read until the end =P!

  • First of all, thank you very much to Youshu, Paninapuru, Nass and the mother of Kyuuri, Ringo and Reishi who sewed the beautiful kimonos we had the chance to wear.
  • Thank you to Paul Suel, Ringo and also Léa who immortalized this week-end with gigas of photos and videos.
  • Thank you to the staff of the theatre of Beaulieu for its kindness.
  • And to conclude, big thanks to the staff of Japan Impact who was very caring for us all week-end long, and special thanks to Olaya who was our contact from beginning to end and without whom we could never have experienced such a beautiful adventure!

By Ume ~ see you in some months’ time~


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    バレエの聖地といわれるローザンヌの「ボーリュ劇場Theatre de Beaulieu」
    ローザンヌ国際バレエコンクール(Prix de Lausanne)が開かれ、


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