Fêtes Consulaires 2016 or the best stage ever! [Part 1]

Fêtes Consulaires 2016 or the best stage ever! [Part 1]

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In my little TwingoOur story begins on a sunny Friday of September, in Paris suburb. But who says Friday and Paris says: traffic jam! I know, you already know about it and I don’t want people to think I’m rambling *I’m not that old T.T* so let’s turn right now to the next point =D ! Here we are 2 months ago: Mikan, Painapuru, Nass and I, stuck in my little Twingo towards the South. You know, as a girl living in the North/East of France, I consider Lyon as being in the South *whether you like it or not*. Because the road is quite long, we take a break halfway in a nice gas station with play areas for kids under 12, which also does not prevent us from enjoying it =) ! How surprised I am when I see Painapuru and Nass going out of my car with a huuuugggeee bunch of grapes O.O ! Me: “hum…wait, you have no intention to go to the gas station with that, right ?…”, both of them “well yes, we’ll wash them !”, me: “you’ll do what ? But look! There is so many people at this hour, we’ll not go to the toilets to….” Yes, they did! We looked really weird walking around with our bunch of grapes… People around should have taken us for a group of eccentrics, which was what I thought until a woman says to me: “Oh! You’re washing your grapes in the gas station too, (talking to her friend) see I’m not the only one doing that!” Ok, ok…. I take that back… It’s TOTALLY NORMAL to wash grapes in… a gas station… Well… Got it x) !

As you may know, who says Amaitsuki says for sure: “You’ll not sleep tonight!… OrTraining by night just a little x)”, it should become our moto =D (don’t you think so Momo ?)  ! Anyway, we arrive around midnight in our stay (you didn’t think I would give you the localisation of our HQ, did you?) and our welcoming committee is ready to make us forget our fatigue! Everybody has been here for a while *taking the train is certainly faster but carpooling is cheaper AHA !* and girls were so excited that they kept training until way too late at night x)! As for me, I admit I just took of my sleeping bag and lights off! Lights off because the day after rehearsals started at 9 a.m. (taking into account 1 hour by bus to go the place and the great number of members having to take (or not xD) a shower. But to be honest it was quite soft that time!

Alcsvmwf1wgaaugvoright, I guess you’re getting tired of reading about the preparations and that you’re looking forward to learning about the day we met the consul of Japan: Mr. Kobayashi! Just grin and bear it, I’ll come to the point soon! So we are now on Saturday, we’re lucky: it does not rain and we can rehearse together without being disturbed by anything! To be honest, getting ready for this live was not an easy task. Well, most of the members are used to go on stage and we chose many dances we already mastered, but it was our first time to perform with 12 people in live! Needless to say that with all the formation dances we selected, we were not that confident… But in Amaitsuki we love challenges, can’t help changing that! So well, we trained together for the whole day with our colourful scotch tapes materializing the size of the stage and went back home satisfied…. And certainly as anxious as proud to be able to perform for the consulate of Japan!

To be continued….. By *Ume*



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